Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Challenges of managing and planning a application architecture in a large enteprise architecture environment

Architecture Planning and Managing Challanges:
- Addressing all critical needs(Lifecycle, Security, Networking, Identity, Integration) of architecture for maximizing reuse, consistency, performance and maintainance.
- Recognizing and Encompassing the varied needs(Legacy, Current, Future) of the organization.
- Managing varied needs of the Applications, and yet building common frameworks for systems manageability.

- Reference Architectures and Blueprints need to be available for multiple aspects including Overall Enterprise Architecture, Frameworks, Development Tools, Service Management, Application development Layers.
- Governance is key to maintainence and diagnostics, including inbuilt SLA support, Auditing and Reporting.
- Supporting a common dashboard for monitoring and managing key aspects of All applications uniformly, and application support for dashboard(such as common logging and reporting, ESB, etc)
- Common Standards for Multiple Technologies supported and Approved for the Organization needs, along with Flexibility for bringing innovation and new technologies to the Architecture stack.


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