Monday, October 31, 2005

Resource Management: Keep 'em motivated

Managing resrouces is as tactical as it is strategic. Here are some techniques that are sure to keep the productivity of the projects very high, and the motivation of the resources at top-notch levels.

- Start Right: Key to Managing resources effectively, is to identify and hire the right set of resources. Scenario and use-case based interviews, go a long way in achieveing that.

- Planning: Plan out as far ahead as possible. Sometimes it could be 2 weeks, other times it could be 6 months or longer. Planning translates to focus and direction for the teams, thus giving the right momentum for project success.

-Balance project and team interests: It is critical to create a balance between what the demands and needs of the project are, versus what the team members thrive on. Note that different members may have different motivation points. Find those out, and see how the project needs fit with those. Negotiate the 2 to eventual project success. If there is a big disconnect in the two, some changes need to be made.

- Set incremental goals, targets and deadlines: Team members thrive on getting clear targets and delivery times. Fulfill those needs, by giving clear incremental deadlines that are agreed on.

- Set quality Standards: With standards for quality, setting delivery goals will be ineffective. Set uniform standards for the teams and monitor progress.

- Triggers: Identify which elements motivate your team members, and work towards finding ways to meet those. Google encourages its members to spend 20% of their time in innovating on new products that can help the company. Project lenghts are 3 months or so. Every team and company does not have the luxury of achieveing these scenarios, but brainstorm on what you can do in your given scenarios. You might be surprised.


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