Monday, November 21, 2005

The Pragmatic Web

Websites can be complex, confusing, overwhelming, or simply unusable.

A pragmatic website will have the following bare essentials:

- Keeps the need of the users in mind, rather than just look at the information available.

- Gives intiutive suggestions to user, so the interaction is a learning experience

- Is Predictable and Consistent, so similar actions behave similarly throughout the site

- Gives the user some easy paths to navigate, and option to explore complex features

- UI Looks robust and clean. Simple colors, but various sections are well separated by tabs, tables, colors

- Bread Crumbs indicate where the user is, and what the page is displaying

- Search is simple, and results are customized based on needs of the users

- Menus are divided based on usage of site, so overall options for users are manageable


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