Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Rules of Creative thinking

Here are some key tips that can help in developing that "out of the box" thinking, and generating new ideas:

- Remove all boundaries: Start by removing all boundries from a Solution, and think of A Ideal solution. It might not work, but will give some learning on what direction to take next.
- Work in Spurts: Put some dedicated time to a problem, and focus just on that. Spen 60-90 minutes and generate as many ideas as possible. Then Categorize those ideas into structured categories.
- Give me a break: Sometimes a problem entagles you with such force, that the solution seems impossible. At this point, just call it a day. Next morning, the solution will not seem that difficult.
- Inspiration by nature: This is a key one. Corelate the problem at hand with natural processes. They offer some most simple, yet most powerful lessons. The flow of water, breathing patterns, the need to sleep, the strength of trees,... Are we taking process innovation?
Stay tuned to get some innovative work that uses these elements...


At 31/8/09 11:41 PM, Blogger karim said...

Good post on Creative Thinking.

karim - Positive thinking


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