Friday, July 28, 2006

Requirements to Design: Relationships of System Needs and Architecture Artifacts

This diagram reflects the Types of Requirement documents, and how they are used as inputs for technical specifications, from which Architecture and Design artifacts are built.

The Four key Architecture Artifacts are the:
- Module View
- Runtime View
- Deployment View and
- Data Model

PS. The diagram is created using Its an excellent tool to create and publish diagrams.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Challenges of managing and planning a application architecture in a large enteprise architecture environment

Architecture Planning and Managing Challanges:
- Addressing all critical needs(Lifecycle, Security, Networking, Identity, Integration) of architecture for maximizing reuse, consistency, performance and maintainance.
- Recognizing and Encompassing the varied needs(Legacy, Current, Future) of the organization.
- Managing varied needs of the Applications, and yet building common frameworks for systems manageability.

- Reference Architectures and Blueprints need to be available for multiple aspects including Overall Enterprise Architecture, Frameworks, Development Tools, Service Management, Application development Layers.
- Governance is key to maintainence and diagnostics, including inbuilt SLA support, Auditing and Reporting.
- Supporting a common dashboard for monitoring and managing key aspects of All applications uniformly, and application support for dashboard(such as common logging and reporting, ESB, etc)
- Common Standards for Multiple Technologies supported and Approved for the Organization needs, along with Flexibility for bringing innovation and new technologies to the Architecture stack.